Jain Cord Industries Pvt. Ltd., India

GST Registered

Company Profile: Jain Cord is a vertically integrated company committed to excellence in sustainable manufacturing and processing of premium fabrics and garments. We are a one stop shop for fabrics and garments. We combine premium quality yarns and latest production technologies to produce world class fabrics. We have an eye for detail and complete process driven manufacturing. Our QA and QC procedures are well in place to ensure global quality standards are met.

Market Area: The Jain Group is a leading producer of fabrics in India with fabrics contributing about 60% to the group's revenue. It is one of the few vertically integrated fabric suppliers in India producing fabrics for both tops and bottoms in the apparel segment serving large retailers in Europe, USA, Asia and more.

Jain Cord adheres to strict process controls and follows best practices...Read More

Jain Cord Industries Pvt. Ltd.
Aditya Jain

Member since Sep 2020

Gurgaon, Haryana

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