Perfect Filaments Limited, India

GST Registered

Company Profile: Perfect Filaments Limited was incorporated on 02/09/1994 and since then has grown manifestly. The company has been converted from Private Limited to Public Limited on 11/08/2011. The company has merged Kruti Polyesters Pvt. Ltd. into Perfect Filaments Private Limited in 2007-08. Today we have 28 Texturising Machines, 2 Air-Texturising machines, 10 Twisting Machines and are implementing 3 Poy Lines Consisting of 36 Winders. The company has known in the industry for Specialty products that we offer and our excellent quality. We do not manufacture any commodity products and are completely focused on specialty products only.

Product Profile: Yarns like polyester texturised yarn, airtex, milange, catonic, discat & dopedyed yarn, specialised for sports, ladies wear and casual wear garments.

Perfect Filaments Limited
Rajendra Gupta

Member since Sep 2020

Mumbai, Maharashtra

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